Unleashing The Power Of The Crowd

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In 2017 2 iconic Australian film, television and production brothers, Shane and Clayton Jacobson, came up with the genius idea...An idea that will change the landscape of Live Concerts and Major Events forever.  Future Audiences will be enabled to “come to life” and be fully engaged as part of any live event.

An App That Revolutionises Entertainment

Exclusive Early Release, Artist Specific & Interactive Application


Here's Why It's Awesome

Event Companies & Promoters

Easily integrated & built in with the ticket price for those who have already purchased tickets to a live concert, group, political or sports event. 

Stadiums & Venues

Design your audience interaction based on venue and stadium styles, event numbers and crowd engagement.

Artists and Audiences

Bespoke and highly interactive Crowd Canvas™ enables a band, sports team or entertainment design and creates a show like never before.

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