“Unlock the Power of the Crowd”

Crowd Canvas™ has developed a value-add phone application offered to audiences allowing its users real-time interaction with large stadium sized concert entertainment, where the audience becomes an active participant in the show.

At CROWD CANVAS we are dedicated to delivering a fully integrated technology that is a tangible and proven platform for full audience engagement. We can literally utilise each phone as a pixel and create large visual canvases—painting with sound and light, time and time again.

We believe current technology in this arena is presently passive. We believe the next generation concert experience is a fully interactive one, and that no other technology delivers with such agility on brand and per person experience as  CROWD CANVAS™ can offer.

Revolutionising Entertainment

CROWD CANVAS™ is the SEISMIC SHIFT from traditional PASSIVE audience entertainment.

To fully IMMERSIVE audience participation at large scale events —

be it Music, Sports, Festivals or Corporate Events.


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